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Mereseni, md
About me:
I am a teacher of physics in Rep. of Moldova, Europe... I like to draw, there are some of my works on my profile...I am not a profesional painter......but this is what I can...and all that I do is what I am... I like scary movies, horro, thrillers....and comedy..If someone knows good movies...tell me about them...I would like to wacth... Ask me more, if u want to know me better. Thanks for ur attention...
Favorite Music:
Gavin DeGraw Linkin Park FortMinor 30 Secondes to Mars 3 Days Grace Papa Roach Nichelback FallOutBoy Finger Elevn Pendullium
Favorite TV Shows:
Discovery Channel- MythBusters, Durty Job, Science Movies(Physics, Astronomy, History )
Favorite Movies:
Land of the dead, Dawn of the dead, Dracula 2000, Final destination, The Grudge,

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